youtube fave: Sophie Jerrome

by Jessica

I was just kind of watching Youtube yesterday, and came across Sanne and Rosianna’s video where they recommended a few smaller Youtubers. They mentioned a few people that I already knew about, but Sanne recommended Sophie Jerrome – someone I had never even heard of. And when I went to her channel I kind of felt angry at the world for keeping her videos from me for all this time? I think I fell in love with everything about her and the videos she makes within 30 seconds of the first video I watched.

I was obviously drawn to the video with the word “art” in the title first, which is why I started with “put your art on the walls”. AND IT’S SUCH A WONDERFUL VIDEO.

Also, considering she starts the video by saying she’s spending all of her time listening to Harry Potter audiobooks, I just couldn’t not love her?? I’ve been listening to the audiobooks pretty much every evening for 7 years (idk actually but something like that). They got me through months of headaches where I couldn’t watch anything, and while I have had breaks for a few months here and there, I’m super into it right now and this just STRUCK A CHORD with me.  (I’m currently on book five, which means it isn’t the best relaxing activity before bed as UMBRIDGE IS SUCH A STUPID TOAD.)

Anyway, back to Sophie. The video above revolves around why artists and creators should put their own art on their walls. She mentions a couple of reasons why it’s actually really good, and is equally eloquent as she is funny when she talks about it all. And I agree, you should be decorating your home with your own stuff. It will give you confidence, it will look cute and it might inspire you. It’s amazing.

I obviously spent a good hour or two watching her videos last night. In this one she talks in such a beautiful way about taking pride in being a Hufflepuff. She talks about the importance of being kind, and “not just listening for a litany of ‘here’s how busy and clever I am'”. (“Tell it to your LinkedIn profile, not me”)

And then last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST OMG she’s such an intelligent person who just so perfectly discusses things like the female gaze in regards to Charli XCX’s video for “Boys” and One Direction with puppies. JUST WATCH IT I promise you won’t regret it.

Just all in all a wonderful human being and video maker and I’m so glad I found her. Now I just need to become her best friend.

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