trying new collages

by Jessica

It’s been a while! I’ve actually wanted to get back into blogging for a while now, but have had some SERIOUS website trouble (basically everything was down for I think 2 weeks? It was great).

But anyway, it’s working now, and I want to talk a little bit about something I’ve been obsessed with lately – collage! I follow a bunch of collage artists on Instagram and have a board filled with collage on Pinterest. I just love it! I’ve also really adored my friend Kelly’s recent adventures with collage, and was really inspired. AND I wanted to create something non-digital. If you know me you know that digital is my main thing, but I’ve recently realised how much I need non-digital things too. I’ve kind of pressured myself to pick one of them in order to focus and specialise, but mixing it up is what keeps me happy, and I learn so many things to transfer from one to the other when I experiment with both!

So this is why I started experimenting with something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – collaging with papers I have painted with watercolour! And so I did!

Here’s the first one I made! Using pinks and purples because that’s what I do! This is more of a “mess” than the ones I’ve created after it, but I think I need to embrace that again because I really like it!

I don’t remember exactly which one was the second one I made, but I think it was this one. I started experimenting with cutouts in the middle of the pieces of paper, and I loved it! I also kind of weaved them together a little bit, so the dark blue sticks out of the light blue!

Experimented more and more with the cutouts, and tried using my semi-translucent paper, but it kinda curled up, ripped when I cut it and was hard to glue down so I don’t know about it.

A few days later I tried out the True Colors color palette for this month (check it out here). I had a lot of fun mixing the colours for the palette, and really enjoyed using a different mix of colours than I usually do. I really like this one! I do kind of think my white Posca is running out, but it is kinda new so maybe it’s just a bit bad? Does anyone have any other white pens to recommend? That work on black paper.

I also decided to experiment with the collage on white paper instead of black, but I think it turned out kind of “meh” in comparision. I still like it, but I do prefer the black background. Maybe some other colour too though?

After that I started experimenting with making something similar digitally (I know I said I wanted to create non-digitally at the start of this post, and I still do, but sometimes you just don’t have the energy for setting up all your materials and you just want to use the computer). I really enjoy this result, and I enjoyed using my old Wacom tablet!

This resulted in another digital one. I used the same paper texture for the background because I really liked it, but some new colours and patterns. I absolutely love the “drop shadow” effect in white added to the pieces, it’s my little way of faking (but not really) the effect that it’s actually paper. I think it gives the collage a lot more depth.

And lastly I made this, which is a bit different from the others, but very inspired byt hem. I like how it kinda looks like a map in space!

And that’s about it for this time! I’m so happy my website is working again so I can share things like this with you! I’m hoping to find some time and energy to do a lot more collaging soon.

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