the making of harry potter

by Jessica

20151130_5355It’s time! During my visit to London a few weeks ago we also went to theWarner Bros Studio Tour! And it was amazing and wonderful and I took a million pictures. So this post isn’t for you if you hate Harry Potter, pictures in general or don’t want to get spoiled about the tour. SPOILER ALERT.20151130_5365
There was a thing called “Hogwarts in the snow” at the studios which meant CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE. (I honestly died when I read about this before we left. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. AND HARRY POTTER. SO PERFECT.) So there was a giant tree as soon as you got in there. 20151130_5361
And then there was a sweet lookin’ Ford Anglia.20151130_5367While we waited in line we got to look at the cupboard under the stairs. 20151130_537020151130_5372And after waiting in a room for a little while and watching a film about Harry Potter we got to the doors to the Great Hall.  Like the actual Great Hall. Oh and also gigantic Christmas wreaths on the golden doors. Too amazing to handle. 20151130_5385
The Great Hall was AMAZING. And also it was filled with kids in school uniforms (they even had like crimson and gold ties, GRYFFINDOR MUCH?!) and Christmas trees. 20151130_537420151130_5376
Oh and food. So much food. 20151130_537820151130_537520151130_538720151130_5392
But mostly just amazing Christmas decorations. <320151130_538920151130_539720151130_5394
And teachers. IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. Sadly you weren’t allowed to stay in the Great Hall for as long as you wanted, but it was amazing anyway. So we moved on to the next room, and the rest of the tour was as your own pace which was AMAZING. 20151130_540220151130_5401There were models of the Great Hall. 20151130_540420151130_5412
Props and clothes. LOOK AT THEM. 20151130_541520151130_541620151130_5417And then the Goblet of Fire which was on “fire” and shot out a name and everything. This was apparently a new thing that they had just introduced, it was pretty great.20151130_5418Foto 30-11-2015 13 47 27 Foto 30-11-201 13 47 2320151130_5421The boys dormitory was all Christmassy! But look at that fabric around the beds! Isn’t it the best? I want it on everything.20151130_5423WANDS.20151130_5428Fat Lady!Foto 30-11-2015 13 50 00Mirror of Erised. AMAZING. I saw me hanging out with Johanna at the Harry potter studio tour. 20151130_5429Invisibility cloak! HOW DOES IT COVER THE THREE OF THEM? No one knows. Foto 30-11-201 13 51 15Gryffindor common room! I want those walls. UGH I WANT EVERYTHING. 20151130_5435They had the best Christmas tree ever. 20151130_5439 copyHahaha this was a fake fan moment as we didn’t quite know where this giant clock thingy is from? To be fair though we mostly just listen to the books. 20151130_5442I was like “Sherbet lemon” and it was just like “…”. 🙁20151130_5444IT’S A PORTKEY. It was so beautiful though?! Like seriously. 20151130_5451 20151130_5453
There were other beautiful things like the Golden Snitch and Deluminator and Time-Turner and and and everything. 20151130_545720151130_545820151130_545920151130_546220151130_5464
The potions area was SO beautiful. I want my house to look like this. 20151130_5466
Just look at it. <320151130_547120151130_5473There were paintings all around.20151130_5475
And we got to see how they make safe fire! Lights and smoke!20151130_5478And then there was Hagrid’s house!20151130_5483And the Burrow. <320151130_5490Including a self-knitting blanket. Is that a blanket? Or a gigantic scarf? 20151130_5505Horcruxes!20151130_5506The Diadem was seriously beautiful.20151130_5510Borgin and Burke’s! 20151130_5511
Ministry fireplaces!20151130_5514
Umbridge’s office! 20151130_5521And it was all just jumbled together like this!20151130_5523There was Filch’s favourite wall.
20151130_552620151130_553520151130_5543And then the Hogwarts Express. You got to go inside it but it was dark and the aisle was really narrow so I couldn’t really get a pic of it. At the end of the train you got to look inside where Harry and Ron had all the candy.20151130_5534There was a tiny shop there as well. With a Christmas tree!  20151130_5546Foto 30-11-2015 14 58 59And then we had a break and hade some Butterbeers. They tasted like caramel sauce and melted ice cream. With bubbles. Not the best, tbh. A nice lady offered to take a picture of us drinking them though. So touristy!20151130_5552Foto 30-11-201515 16 29But then we got to go outside and visit Privet Drive! Foto 30-11-2015 15 16 1320151130_555620151130_5553
And some other things outside! You also got to sit in a Ford Anglia haha. 20151130_5565We saw Fawkes! So beautiful. 20151130_5574Foto 30-11-201515 33 16
20151130_558120151130_5584 And DIAGON ALLEY. Which was amazing, obvi.5But the best part was the gigantic Hogwarts model. COVERED IN SNOW BECAUSE CHRISTMAS. It was so great I can’t even. Just look at it:
People for scale.20151130_561120151130_561220151130_562120151130_562520151130_5627
And that was the end of the tour. 20151130_5635And lastly we just looked at amazing (but expensive) things in the shop. I bought a few little things though but I’m going to show them to you some other time.

This was SO amazing and I really really want to go back.

Have any of you guys been there?


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Mikaela December 21, 2015 - 11:22 am

Alltså woooow, jag vill så gärna åka dit!!!!

Jess December 21, 2015 - 6:26 pm

Emoji med hjärtögon x 100000000! Nu längtar jag ännu mer till nästa sommar när jag ska dit igen! När jag var där första gången var det Halloween och dekorerat därefter, inklusive dödsätare som gömde sig i Diagon Alley och skrämde en när man kikade omkring. Ser helt magiskt ut att vara där på jul!


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