songs I listen to while creating

by Jessica

Music is an important part of my creative process. I always listen to music while creating, and what I listen to greatly influences what I create. So today I thought I’d share with you a few songs that I’ve been listening to a lot while creating recently!

ionnalee – Samaritan

I found out a few days ago (!!) that Jonna Lee (aka iamamiwhoami) had released something new as ionnalee. AND I DIDN’T KNOW. AND IT’S BRILLIANT. I could’ve listened to this for a whole month but haven’t! I’m very upset! Anyway, the audiovisual above made me confused and emotional as usual with Jonna Lee haha. <3

Jonathan Johansson – Old News

Jonathan Johansson falls under my top ten when it comes to music. I just love him so much. (Lebensraum is probs my most listened to album.) I haven’t listened to Love & Devotion that much yet but Old News has been running on repeat quite a lot. Heh.

Vérité – Somebody Else

This is a cover of a 1975 song! I actually really like the original too, but this cover is just so sooooooooothing and lovely.

alt-J – In Cold Blood

Okay, this video is like an stroboscopic nightmare, but the song is really amazing. I love alt-J.

Oh Wonder – Ultralife

I’ve realised I’ve picked songs from a few of my most listened to artists and bands throughout this post, and this is no exception. Oh Wonder is just amazing, and I love Ultralife. It makes me happi.

And that was it! ionnalee’s Samaritan is probs the one I’ve listened to the most out of these, but they’re all quality songs. Yup.



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