snapdragons in the garden

by Jessica

We’ve been living in this house for almost two years (????????+++++++) and while the dreams for how this garden would look were grand it is taking a while to get there. But we’ve created a flowerbed with just perennials where we’ve planted a hydrangea and a clematis that’s going to be fill our thuja with gigantic blue flowers. We’re getting there! Just two days ago we went to get some more flowers, and I think I might have discovered my new favourite flower ever. Snapdragons/lejongap. I love the colours, they smell divine and they kind of remind me of lupins (which are beautiful but evil!!!!!!) and digitalis. I love both of those, but I think I prefer snapdragons. <3We also bought loads of basil and thyme so that we can use fresh herbs all summer. Sadly a few of the snapdragons broke on the way home, but I just brought them inside and put them in my favourite vase. SO CUTE. It’s good because now I can sit and plan stuff surrounded by the smell of flowers.

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Wilda June 11, 2017 - 1:41 pm

Åh trädgård/balkong alltså <3 Så ljuvligt!


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