my creative life #16

by Jessica

You know like two posts ago, where I was like “I’M LEAVING THE DIGITAL FOR A WHILE”. Well, that “while” wasn’t very long. While I still really want to be creating physically more, I found myself going back to digital creations like within a week of writing that post.

It was mainly because I found a new combination effects digitally that I really enjoyed. (Pictured above) Also I’ve had A STUPID COLD for more than a month, and digital stuff is easier to just put on hold as soon as you start feeling tired. And also I’m doing that 3D-modeling class at the moment and have started doing a lot of experiments in preparation for the final project. I don’t really feel ready for it, 3D is complicated!! But I’m working on it.

The past few days I’ve been working a lot on on organising my files. FUN. I’ve basically had one big mess of a system for a really long time, but when Flickr announced that they’re removing the access to 1TB free storage of images (which I’ve been using as an extra backup of stuff) I realised I needed to work out a new system. And while I was at it, I organised my Dropbox AND I’m starting to move over files from old harddrives to said Dropbox. It is taking a while, but I reckon I’ll be using the photos I already have more if I have easy access to them, which would be fun! 
I mean, photography was my main thing for a lot of years, so there are a looooot of pictures. And it’s a lot of fun going through them! The one above is from 2010-2011 probably, and I still remember that I was in love with the colours when I took it. Still love the colours, and I think I’m going to try to use them in my abstract work. Orange and blue is a new favourite of mine!

I also played around with some liquid paint! Took some pictures of them and changed the colours in Photoshop! I love this process, I just end up running out of pictures of paint quickly because I loooove the editing process but rarely find the energy to play around with the actual paint (even though I love that too?? Silly me).

Another thing I haven’t mentioned here on the blog yet is that my old shop has closed, and that I’m now selling my art via Redbubble. You can find my shop here. I haven’t had the time to add that many pieces yet though, but I’m working on it! One cool thing about this is that you can now purchase phone cases as well as other things like scarves and notebooks. Fun!

And that’s basically what I’ve been up to creatively the last few weeks! I’ve created quite a few more pieces so these are just a few of them. If you want to see more, you can follow me on Instagram! 

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