My Mossery Sketchbook aka my one true love

by Jessica

It’s been a few weeks since I discovered Leigh Ellexson now. I think I found her while just looking around at sketchbook tours and she showed up in my recommended videos. I absolutely fell in love with everything about her videos pretty much right away, and I recommend you all to go watch her sketchbook tour here. SO MANY CUTE CATS and pretty colours.

Anyway, as she mentions in that video, the sketchbook she has finished is a Mossery mixed media sketchbook, and I was just like casually intrigued that time simply because it looked so prettyyyy. And then I watched her Mossery review and was like MY GOD I NEED ONE.

Mossery is a sationery brand based in Kuala Lumpur, and they make planners, sketchbooks and notebooks from sustainable materials and it’s all just so freaking wholesome and beautiful. Here’s a link to Mossery’s website. I kind of really wanted to buy a planner too, because they seem so nice, but I ended up only getting the sketchbook because honestly I prefer Google Calendar + Bullet Journal to stay organised at the moment. You can get the books customised with fancy metallic letters on the front. I wanted to write my full name but it was too long, which is FOREVER THE CASE WITH MY STUPID NAME. Ugh. BUT LOOK AT IT. SO PRETTY. There are a lot of different covers, and as I’ve understood it they come and go, so I’m so happy that this pink and blue gradient was available when I purchase mine because it’s so perfect I want to cry. It was delivered inside two layers of box, but I fell in love with this inner one. It’s so pretty??? It was also delivered with a little ruler, which I placed inside the little pocket at the front! Then there’s a page for filling in your information! I haven’t done this yet because I was too eager to start painting in it. As you can see it’s spiral bound, and while it isn’t optimal for pretty spreads it’s actually quite lovely as it doesn’t try to close itself constantly. 
The following pages feature boxes and circles where you can fill in your goals/purpose and things you want to improve. I just find this so brilliant, as it makes you a little bit more thoughtful about what you want to do in this particular sketchbook.

I haven’t filled it in yet, but I’m planning on writing something about experimenting and being playful. I’ve watched enough sketchbook tours to put extreme amounts of pressure on myself when it comes to something like this, so I think it’d be good to remind myself in this kind of “proper” way that my actual goal is to have fun and try new things.
The paper inside is 224 gsm, and it has 38 sheets/76 pages. I actually sat down and just started painting right after I had opened it, just so that I wouldn’t be too precious about it. The paper buckled a little bit (it isn’t really thick enough for the amount of water I was using) but it didn’t start curling up entirely and it was still fine to work on, so it’s actually quite great!

I have tried painting in the Canson Mixed Media Art Book (which is also 224 gsm) in the same way, but it has left the paper actually curling up so it’s like a 90 degree curved paper, which isn’t optimal for trying to get the paint to dry like you want, so I was pleasantly surprised that this paper was so much better even though the weight is the same! The grain is pretty fine too, which I like.

Though – as Leigh also mentioned in her review – the roughness is different on the left page (the “back” of the paper) than it is on the right, which a way smoother left page. I’m not really bothered by this, but it does affect the process a little bit, and might be an issue for some!
But I’m just enjoying it so much. And it makes me happy because it’s pretty (I’m a simple person), even though I’m scared I’ll get paint on the cover!!! I already have, actually, but I want it to stay as clean as possible, which isn’t really my way in life in general…. Hehe.

So yeah, I just love Mossery now. Here’s a link to the sketchbook I bought, it only costs $25, although the shipping is a bit on the pricier side, but I think it was worth it so!!!

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Sandra Nicole - Modedesigner i Paris September 27, 2017 - 7:43 pm

Alltsåååå ÄLSKAR allt här!! Boken, hur du bara kör igång och målar ljuvligt på direkten och bilderna! Har haft en spärr för att måla på riktigt sen typ förrförra vinter och modeskisskursen i skolan då min lärare fick mig att hata hur jag målar (målar skakigt och typ sprött) men nu blir jag fett sugen på att sätta igång utan att det ska finnas några gränser! Mums!

Jessica September 27, 2017 - 8:22 pm

Guuuud vad roligt att höra!!!!!!! Men gud vilken sämst lärare??? vad är det för jävla stil!! SÄTT IGÅNG BA <3


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