Monthly Makers Inredning / Welcome Home

by Jessica

So, another month of Monthly Makers has passed (by the way – can you believe it’s been almost 3 years of Monthly Makers?!?!) and the theme this time is INREDNING. Nothing that came natural to me (it translates to interior design/decorations) but I actually had more ideas than I thought I would.

I was going to create something completely different for this theme, I actually even got pretty far with that plan. It’s almost finished, but I wasn’t very happy and I was going to write a post about how it doesn’t have to be perfect every time. The important thing is to create, and that you enjoyed it! Which I did very much – I’ll tell you more about that technique and what I did some other time!

It also just so happens that the host for the month – Emilia – wrote brilliantly about the importance of creating rather than excelling when it comes to this challenge, so just head on over to her post (in Swedish) and read what she had to say if you want some more wisdom in your life. And while you’re there – take the opportunity to link whatever you’ve created on this month’s theme!

Anyway, the question remains – what did I actually do this month? Well, as I’ve become completely obsessed with it recently, I’ve made an art journaling spread. After spending a lot of time watching Noor Unnahar, Jordan Clark and the likes art journal on Youtube, and even had a little chat with the lovely Bethany/artjournalkitten on Instagram about art journaling and the therapeutic effects of it, I finally got around to it just a few days ago. And immediately I knew I had to make something like that for Monthly Makers.

I have created quite a few collages through the years, but it was a long time ago, so all of this felt quite fresh and new anyway. In 2011 me and my friends made monthly collages in calendars that were meant to reflect our expectations for the coming month, and I actually miss it soooo much. (Spoiler: I really enjoyed it this time too.)

I used the mixed media sketchbook that I bought just like two weeks ago (after watching many sketchbook tours on Youtube, so when I got this I obviously put a lot of pressure on myself to create a MAGICAL sketchbook). It’s a Canson Mixed Media Art Book, and I think it’s the 14x21cm one. I actually painted the front and wrote SKETCHBOOK and stuff on it, but I didn’t like it and painted it all black again! Definitely going to put something on it though! (And not try to put too much pressure on myself hehehe.)

The papers are quite thick, not like full on perfect for watercolour-thick, but 224 gsm. HOWEVER this stupid book is a little bit broken. The pages are perforated, which I would be fine with if it wasn’t for the fact that they tear in the perforation SO EASILY and just WON’T STAY IN THE BOOK. Like excuse me but I bought you in a book for a reason, STAY TOGETHER.

But it’s probably just my one that’s faulty, because I asked a friend who bought the same one and we compared ours and mine “fold” in the perforated bit way easier, which weakens them and eventually they tear. But it’s pretty stupid. The first few times I just tried being more careful while painting and experimenting, but eventually they all came loose. 🙁 So I’m taping over the perforation on every other spread now, and I’m planning to just use those for collages and cover up the middle. A bit annoying though! I’m thinking about contacting the place I bought it from but I don’t know if I can be bothered! :)))

Okay, the award for rambliest post of the year goes to me, apparently. I still haven’t gotten to what I created, and nowhere close to explaining how it fits into the theme!! So I’m just going to show you now! 
I’ve made a spread!! The theme is Inredning (Swedish word for interior design or decoration), and while that might not make you instantly think of collage art (YOU WEIRDO) the connection has to be kind of obvious. I’ve made a collage tribute to my home. The house itself is called “Rosenhed” and it’s a pink wooden house in a lush garden, which is why I’ve a) used roses b) used a lot of pink b) used the brown. The little text bit is a quote from the blog post I wrote in May 2015 when we had just bought the house. It translates:

“We’re currently mostly just thinking about what colour to paint the walls, exactly which William Morris-wallpaper we want on the dining room and how if mum would be able to have ducks in the garden. We’ll see how this ends, but it’s going to be magical”.

I thought it’d be nice to include my expectations of living in this house, as it kind of describes how life her feels, even if it isn’t factually correct when it comes to what it’s really like. We still haven’t hung any new wallpapers in the dining room, and we don’t have ducks. But still. 
The small square pictures are printed pictures I’ve snapped while living here, and I just found them on my Instagram and printed them. The other floral pictures are copyright free images from Flickr Commons and Unsplash. I’ve realised that I don’t want to use magazine cuttings and stuff like that, as it is probably copyright infringement, and even if it is “fair use”, I wouldn’t want to do that to a fellow creator. 
Bulldog clips have become completely necessary to make it not wobbly and bubbly.
The white pen marks are made with this Posca pen, and the scissors in these pictures are WORTHLESS and old, but prettier than my good one so haha.

Anyway, that’s my creation this month! I’m actually really happy! I struggled to make the collages “cohesive” when it comes to composition for a while, feeling like parts looked to empty and it felt uneven. But I think I got there in the end!!

Monthly Makers is a challenge for anyone who wants to be more creative. During 2017 we’ll be launching twelve themes – one for every month – to inspire and challenge you. For June the theme is INREDNING (/interior design or decorations) and Emilia is hosting. Comment on her post here with a link to your creation before 28/9 to be a part of the compilation. More inspiration can be found over on Pinterest.

The people behind Monthly Makers 2017 are AliciaBeatriceElsaEmiliaFredrikaJohanna,
JuliaMikaelaRuthStinaWilda and me. Be inspired, create and challenge yourself all through the year.

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Anna María September 22, 2017 - 8:00 am

Alltså, så himla fint uppslag! Allt är jättefint och förtrollande på nåt vis 🙂

Jessica September 22, 2017 - 9:32 am


Julia September 22, 2017 - 8:50 am

vad fint, och vilket hem ni har <3 drömmen att ha en slingerväxt längs husväggen ju 😀

Jessica September 22, 2017 - 9:33 am

Jaa det är fint!! Dock har vi fått riva bort hela klängväxten då den är en för aggressiv sort och började växa in genom husväggen och förstöra osv :(((

Johanna Montell September 23, 2017 - 1:00 pm

är så fascinerad över att din skapandestil verkligen genomsyrar allt du gör! väldigt imponerande och allt är såså fint <3

Jessica October 1, 2017 - 12:15 pm

Men wow vilken fin kommentar!!! <3

Mikaela Puranen Vasilakis September 23, 2017 - 5:13 pm

Så himla fint uppslag! Älskar allt rosa ❤

Jessica October 1, 2017 - 12:14 pm

Tack Mikaela!!

Sarah MacFie September 29, 2017 - 4:53 pm

Vilket drömmigt rosa hus!! Och va fint kollage du gjort. Älskar att pyssla ihop saker i små fina böcker. Dagböcker är underskattade, speciellt om man får tid att klippa och klistra till dem 🙂 Kram!

Jessica October 1, 2017 - 12:15 pm

Tack så mycket! <3

Wilda October 1, 2017 - 12:06 pm

Så otroligt fint och sådär Jessica-magiskt som bara du kan göra det. Blir allt mer inne på att skaffa mig Poscapennor för det blir ju så himla fint! Och alltså som jag skulle vilja göra mer sånt här av min bullet journal. Jag har gjort mycket kollage tidigare och kan verkligen sakna det.

Jessica October 1, 2017 - 12:16 pm

Alltså åh Wilda, tack så hemskt mycket!! Posca är suuuper till allt möjligt! Finns i flera färger men vit är lätt den jag använder mest! Det är så speciellt att göra kollage, verkligen lugnande på ett sätt som andra skapandeformer inte riktigt är? Eller så gillar jag det bara väldigt mycket! Hoppas du kan komma igång med det igen!!


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