Monthly Makers advent calendar 2015

by Jessica

eHf2x6mD8SBdZnYLaeXFqjzSyUpdT-xyLotSawmmuNECan’t get enough of creativity and crafts? Well you’re in luck! As a grand finale of an inspiring year, Monthly Makers are presenting the advent calendar 2015. Filled with DIY-projects, it will start on the first Advent Sunday and continue through December. Join us in the Christmas spirit and create things all through December!

Here’s how it works: from November 29th (första advent) the hosts of Monthly Makers will be publishing a Christmas inspired DIY-project every day. December 10th we’ll be taking a short break to present our theme for the month, but after that we will continue until December 21st.

29/11: Mikaela
30/11: Agnes
01/12: Beata
02/12: Sandra
03/12: Anna María
04/12: Jessica
05/12: Annica
06/12: Beatrice
07/12: Alicia
08/12: Jess
09/12: Beata
10/12: Alicia presents the theme of the month
11/12: Elsa
12/12: Annica
13/12: Mikaela
14/12: Sandra
15/12: Agnes
16/12: Alicia
17/12: Jessica
18/12: Elsa
19/12: Anna María
20/12: Jess
21/12: Beatrice

Have you tried following any of our instructions, or do you have a DIY-project, recipe or general christmas tip of your own you want to share? Comment with a link or send an e-mail to and we might share it on our Facebook page or on our blogs.

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