i have a facebook page!

by Jessica

Untitled-1Yes, it’s true! It feels kinda crazy and weird to make a whole facebook page for yourself, but I’m happy I did. The only reason I haven’t had one before is because I’ve been TERRIFIED of getting like five likes haha. So please like me!!!! <- too real. Here’s the link.

Anyway, this all happened last night, when I told my dear friend Alicia that I was thinking about getting a page for myself but was a bit scared to do it. And then of course – because we’re always in sync – she had just closed her “create a page” tab thinking “nah”. Coincidence? I think not!

So we decided we’d do it together and help each other through the process. You know how I said it’s the best thing ever to have a Creative BFF? Well it still is. I totally wouldn’t have done this without her! Thank you, my dear friend.

We giggled all the way and were kind of ashamed and embarrassed because this felt like such a self-centered thing to do. But guess what? It’s okay to be self-centered sometimes. How else are you supposed to believe in yourself?! It’s so stupid that we’re “supposed” to doubt ourselves.

Aaaanyway, enough rambling. Time to go listen to Defying Gravity, because that’s what I do! YEAH.

Believe in yourselves you guys. You can do anything!! If you find it hard to believe in yourself, just remember that I believe in you. <3
(Okay I started listening to Defying Gravity and got emotional.)

Untitled-1Oh and while we’re at it I might as well tell you that you can all find me on twitter as @jandersdotter. Follow me here!

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