Getting Inspired

by Jessica

So, 2011 was an intense year in my life. I graduated “high school” (it’s always impossible to translate the words for different parts of school so WHATEVER), went on a big trip that we had planned for years and started my first year at university. Nothing after that really went as planned, but that year was filled with so much hope for the future, and so many exciting experiences.

One of the best parts of 2011 however was a project I was doing with two of my best friends. We had started a sort of creative group consisting of the three of us, and tried to meet up every now and then for some creative hangouts. We called ourselves “Ljómi”, which was supposed to be “glitter” in Icelandic, but I just discovered it actually means like “glow” and “brilliance”, so… yeah, that went well haha. Still a cute name though!

Ljómi was established in 2010, but really flourished in 2011. We started a wonderful project where we each got a wall calendar and at the start of every month we made a collage that summed up our expectations for the coming month. The January collages were in fact created on New Years Eve, so it’s safe to say that I went to wild parties as an 18 year old. (Spoiler alert: I never went to wild parties.)

The front of the finished calendar! For some reason I made “People have the power” the center even though it had nothing to do with my year.

Not only did this project mean I got meet my besties pretty regularly, but it was also so wonderful to sit there flicking through magazines and looking for things to cut out. We would talk about life, or about random things we saw in the magazines or what are our plans were for the month. But the year ended, and we’ve only had collage meetups a couple of times since 2011 (which is a long time ago but we’re not gonna talk about that because NOT OKAY). Fast forward to a few days ago, and it was time again.

That was a very long intro just to get to the fact that I want to tell you about what a wonderful time I had creating collages with Ljómi again, but it was entirely necessary. So here we go: We made collages! Together! Again! And it was probably the best weekend I’ve had in forever. It also really reignited my love for creating, which had been a bit low lately! I’m so excited to make more collages now!

So, apart form the coral reef inspired piece at the start of the post, I also made something with my “usual” abstract shapes. Although the colours aren’t something I’d usually use, so that was fun!

I also made this, which is very simple but I liked it as it was. Kind of regret not going further with it now, might change it in the future actually!

One of my friends was really inspired by “kurbits”, which is a painting technique in a kind of Swedish folk art, but she made it in collage! Such a cool and wonderful idea, and the result is beautiful!

And my other friend made some mountains inspired by her time in Scotland, as well as the CUTEST little birds and creatures out of the scraps from other collages! Such a cute and fun exercise to do to let loose and make some really cute things.

So yeah, basically, creating together with other people was a wonderful thing to do again, but it also really gave me SO MUCH creative energy. So if you’re ever stuck creatively, try finding someone who wants to do a collaborative piece with you, or who just wants to sit next to you and talk about things when you’re creating. It’s really great, and I highly recommend.

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Sian November 6, 2019 - 12:41 pm

Okay, so first of all, these are BLOOMIN’ gorgeous and this is the sweetest idea ever. I really want to get involved with something similar to this now, AND it’s got me super inspired to finally take pictures of the inside of my photography sketchbooks to share. I miss having the time and a space to make things, and this post reminded me of the warmth of getting to make individual things within a group of pals. This is so special!


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