to finally start making videos

by Jessica

Hello friends! Seeing as many of my recent posts have been video based, you might have understood that I’ve been working a lot on expressing myself through video (more specifically Youtube) lately. The kind of obvious reason behind this happening right now is the fact that I’m actually taking a course which focuses on Youtube and video making, but that doesn’t mean that this is a new idea for me. 

So if you want to keep up with my videos and use Youtube, it’d be lovely if you subscribed to me here. My aim is to upload weekly from now on, and I’m planning on talking about creativity on a “deeper” level, sharing my own art and talk about life as an artist. So if you’re up for that, 

I’m still struggling a little bit with it all, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. I enjoy learning something new and to develop my video skills in a similar way that my writing has developed from just writing on here for years.

But I think my favourite thing about this is feeling like I have the ability to be a part of a new community, exploring and interacting with other like-minded creators that I previously felt weird talking to as I didn’t have the community connection to them in the same way? A bit weird, but anyway.

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