Explore the Global Goals @ Kastellet

by Jessica

  A little over a week ago I went on quite the adventure together with a friend. It was time for the opening of the exhibit Explore the Global Goals with Global Goals Lab and Quantified Planet. The exhibition is an intersection between art and tech, where we got to explore different projects that were working towards the global goals as well as see some art that interpreted them. It lasts until August 12 and is located at Kastellet in Vaxholm. Kastellet is an old fort which means the art was exhibited inside the room where they kept the gunpowder. It was an AMAZING room and impossible to get a good picture of. But trust me – it was cool  There was a little shop where they sold the solar cell lamp that Olafur Eliasson has worked on! It’s called Little Sun, and it’s a really interesting project where tech meets art! Read more about it here.  There was a lot of stuff to read at the exhibition, and everything was so interesting and/or upsetting. LIKE THIS like wtf.   Elin Engström had made a vest that weighed 8 kg = the amount of fabric we through away in a year per person. 
On a box in the middle there was this AMAZING wallpaper/pattern by Maja Sten. <3  We bought some ice cream in the shop when we were all “exhibited out” and sat on this bench! LOOK AT THE FLOWERS AND THE WALL ugh it was so amazing.  The view was okay.But rain was obviously on its way.

We then took the little cable ferry over to the main island and got on board the boat that would take us home to Stockholm again. It was an actual steamboat (where you could look through an open door and both see the engine and feel the heat from it). It was the FANCIEST boat as well, with wooden walls everywhere, painted patterns in the ceilings and red velvet seats.

It was a long but amazing and inspiring day! Such a great experience!!!

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Mikaela July 19, 2017 - 9:29 am

Vilken intressant utställning! Ofta 8 min?! Låter ju helt absurt!


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