Erica Coburn and her dreamy photographs and soothing light

by Jessica

I keep finding new and amazing artists recently. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY GREAT ONES OUT THERE.

My latest favourite is Irish photographer Erica Coburn. There is just such an intense dreaminess in her images. And the liiiiiiiiight. Ahh. It soothes me. Let’s take a look! There’s something about all of Erica’s work that makes me think of spring. Might just be because it’s spring right now. There’s warmth and safety and the smell of grass.   The colour palette is soft and natural but still out of this world, and it’s just so hard to describe!
Basically it’s all so soft and pretty and I just can’t take it.

Follow Erica Coburn on Facebook here. Other places: Instagram, Hitrecordblog, Flickr.

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thea April 24, 2017 - 4:27 pm

wow, so so so nice pictures! my favourite is the second one from the bottom, love the cold colours and the contrast between the pale skin, blue surrounding and red lips – and ofc the wind in her hair. thank you for showing me this artist.


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