dreams of a decorated home

by Jessica

My inspiration was replaced by some kind of infection/flu a few weeks ago and I just haven’t been very active with anything. What I have been doing, however, is playing The Sims 4. I’ve been a little bit obsessed, especially with downloading custom content and making my simmies pretty + decorate their homes. :)))) *low-key caring more about my sims life than my own for a while*

Okay, that last part isn’t completely true because I actually started getting annoyed that our house was so unfinished in comparison to my sims’ houses. I desperately wish it was as quick and easy to decorate in real life as it is in the sims (press shift and wallpaper an entire rooooooooooooooooooom <3). But I’m kind of motivated to work a little bit more on the home again! We’ve got quite a lot of wallpapering left to do (we wallpapered 4 rooms the summer we moved in and after that I’ve been like UGH WALLPAPERING NO WAY.)

But don’t think this means you’re gonna get pics of a finished and decorated library, because ya know I’ve been busy with infection and antibiotics and catching z’s. I have been Pinteresting like mad though, which is almost as productive. And I’ve found a loooooooot of pretty things online that I want to buy. Because that’s how it works! Buy new things -> wallpaper you’ve already bought will hang itself.

Bah, I’m rambling. LET’S JUST LOOK AT SOME PRETTIES! All the pictures are from the stores I’ve linked! 
I really love these Jacquard-blankets from Hemtex. And I’ve been digging pink lately (and the past week especially in interiors – hence the home / pink-board on Pinterest heh)
Mineral coasters from Stockholms Auktionsverk.

This vase from Indiska. I like it because it’s kind of dainty but it’s not as doomed in the paws of Lumos as many others vases. I think.These two brass peacock bookends. SO PRETTY. From Bukowskis.This watercan from Indiska as well. I don’t even need it, I just like the colour. :))) The mirror Quarts from Lagerhaus.
A magnifying glass that looks like it’s taken right out of Salazar Slytherin’s office. Only it’s gold, which doesn’t really make sense. You can find it on Stockholms Auktionsverk.

And that was about it for this time!
Smell ya later. <3

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Mikaela June 11, 2017 - 11:49 am

Den vasen från Indiska har jag! Superfin! 🙂


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