digital abstract paintings

by Jessica

I’ve found a new way of creating that I reallyreally enjoy. I’ve been following so many abstract painters on Instagram lately, because I just adore their work, especially those really creamy acrylic paintings.

And when Xanthe mentioned Kyle’s brushes in her Q&A-video a while back and I downloaded the wonderful gouache ones (they are all free for Creative Cloud-users!) I realised that I could get effects that I wanted digitally too.  Using his brushes, a few different tools in Photoshop (smudge mostly) I’ve started making these abstract digital paintings and it is sooo much fun??

And while I always try to create more physical things in my life – as a way to cut down on screen time (which is bad for headaches and stuff) – I really enjoy this process as it feels as intuitive and relaxing as painting while I can still keep the lovely undo button.  Here’s a picture taking during the process, and it seriously just looks like stupid scribbles at this moment, but it did get better. (Although I did struggle a lot with this one.)  The wonderful but also slightly problematic thing about digital creating is that it’s so easy to change the hues and colours in a piece, which I did here. I was insecure about the pink combinations (even though I do love them too) so I made a more monochrome blue. I thought it’d be a fun thing to ask people on social media what they thought but it just left me more confused as it’s basically fifty-fifty.

Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with this. Are you up to anything specific creatively at the moment? I’d love it if you told me in the comments! 

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Jenny March 17, 2018 - 8:15 am

Tycker det här är så jädrans vackert! Trots så mycket starka färger blir det liksom lugnande och mjukt att kolla på. Själv är jag mest insnöad på broderi just nu, men har börjat känna lite sug efter att plocka upp penslarna igen också 🙂

Jessica March 18, 2018 - 11:02 am

Åhh tack så mycket Jenny! Vad fint att de är lugnande! Och jaa ååh broderi är ju fantastiskt! Kan verkligen rekommendera senaste avsnittet av podcasten “Art for your ear” där brödösen Michelle Kingdom (hon är fantastisk) blir intervjuad. Hon pratar så fint om broderi i den!


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