creative monday 2.0

by Jessica

Remember when I was like “I WANNA QUIT CREATIVE MONDAYS :””(“ and you were all like “Awww poor you!! Do you need me to call a waaaaambulance?” and then we all laughed about it and were the bestest friends forever, remember that? No me neither. Because it didn’t happen. PSYCH.

But one thing is true – I quit my blog series where I shared what I had been working on + some things that inspired me because I felt the posts ended up being a bit too much and I ended up not having much else to actually post, hehe. But I talked to Mikaela about it and she said she thought I should continue having posts with things that inspire me! And I actually loved blogging about that, so I thought maybe I’d continue the series, only I’d revamp it slightly! Making it only about other people’s work, and then having entire posts for my own creations! It sounds like an amazing plan, doesn’t it?

So today I have a few things to share with you!

Art by Endre PenovácArt by Endre PenovácFirstly – watercolours by  Endre Penovác! And honestly, these are too good to be true. I think watercolour is hard (impossible) anyway, but this dude has absolutely perfected the way it works together with water. It’s amazing. Look at that furry cat!!! Found via Colossal (my fav art blog btw) and you can buy his stuff on Saatchi Art here. You can also like his Facebook page here. Do it. This is too great.

Ok, I found this one on Colossal as well, but these are absolutely STUNNING. Colossal have collected these multiple exposures of fireflies in the woods of Japan. “For a select group of photographers in Japan, Summer signals the arrival of fireflies. And for very short periods – typically May and June, from around 7 to 9pm – these photographers set off to secret locations all around Japan, hoping to capture the magical insects that light up the night.” It’s SO AMAZING. This one is taking by Muyi and can be found here. Look at more of these pictures over at Colossal here.

I am completely OBSESSED with this song. Anohni is the new identity/name of the singer from Antony and the Johnsons, and she has made this epic freaking anthem about the environmental struggles our world faces. The lyrics are kind of brutal, but shed light on how we’re destroying our world with greenhouse gas emissions. It shows us what our actions actually mean. The song has a real Woodkid feel to it as well, and he’s my fave so that’s obviously a good thing. I like those drums and horns. So epic.


Lil Ashton is this adorable and creative blogger, who’s not only my favourite on twitter, but also creates amazing blog posts. Like this one about 5 ways to deal with life. It’s just what I need after the absolute flooding of “5 WAYS TO GET A BETTER LIFE” kind of posts of the blogosphere. This is far better, far funnier and far more interesting. I am going to do all of these things. Go here to read them all.

Eric Roux-Fontaine's Dreamlike Paintingsfontaine-6

Okay………. Another find on Colossal. BUT HONESTLY IT’S THE BEST SITE. They share all the greatest things!! These are paintings by  Eric Roux-Fountaine, and they’re so stunning. They’re absolutely magical and just so fascinating. I want one on every wall.

And that was it for this weeks Creative Monday, we’ll be back next week!

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Mikaela July 11, 2016 - 11:09 am

SJUKT BRA uppdaterat koncept! Du är grym på att hitta massa fint inspirerande så tror det här blir perfekt! Typ allt i den här posten tog lite andan ur mig. HUR får man till så perfekta akvareller, de lever ju sitt egna liv för det mesta! Firefly-fotot var helt helt magiskt. Låten!! Och sista målningarna, wow!


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