my creative life #9

by Jessica

I’ve struggled this week. I’ve wanted to create, but everything just felt stupid and boring. So I complained a lil bit about it on Instagram a few days ago, and got the advice to try creating with a diferent technique!

And I mean, 2 years ago that would’ve been so obvious to me. That’s what I did back then, jumping from technique to technique trying completely new things constantly. I even challenged myself to only use one technique for a month a few years ago and found it so limiting and honestly it was a real struggle. And here I am after creating almost exclusively digitally – most of it with the exact same method as well – for months and months and I’m surprised I have a creative block. WEIRD HUH. 
So yeah, I took the advice and picked up the SuperSculpey I got for Christmas. And I made a lil fawn. <3 Here it is before I painted it! I almost prefer it like that, because paint is stupid and wouldn’t do what I wanted it to!!!!!!!! Stupid paint. Anyway, I’ll show you the finished thing in a few days!  Sometimes when I’m making abstract things I cheat a little bit. Well it’s not exactly cheating, it’s just a shortcut. I use the same picture to start with twice. Like the two above! Moa and Josie. And then I fell back into the black hole of being totally bored with what I usually created, and I tried to ~spice it up~ with a mountain! Actually really like this one so I guess it isn’t all bad! This is “Departure”.  The same day I made some different mountains! Comet II. Actually realised I could make mountains like that (really simple with the polygonal lasso tool in PS) when I made this one for The Crate Challenge this week! Here is a link to the resources I used for this image. Also – this is a bit random as it doesn’t really have anything to do with this week – but I have business cards! Had them made for the exhibition I was part of a while back, and I think I handed out quite a few! Left some of them in the gallery as well hehe. Here’s what they look like! I probs should’ve written “artist” in Swedish on them instead of English though as two people have asked me why I’m calling myself an artist, thinking I meant like a performing/music/whatever artist haha. 🙁
Also spent like a proper hour and a half on makeup one day. Mostly because I failed a few times. Used a bunch of different eyeshadows that aren’t visible here, and added some dots under the eyes! Very “hip” according to a friend. Haha.

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Mikaela April 28, 2017 - 2:38 pm

Så mycket fint! Älskar rådjuret, älskar alla bergen!

Annelie Komorowska April 28, 2017 - 6:54 pm

Jaaa prickar under ögonen är så fint!! Och tack 4 the s/o <333


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