my creative life #8

by Jessica

Ayoooooooooo! Time to creative life it up again!

The most exciting thing I’ve made this past week is probs this self portrait-thingy. I decided I wanted something new as a profile pic on my socials, and I want it to show my face + my art in some way so I experimented a while until I came up with this!

The actual pic of me is kinda old though, but I need a new remote for my camera in order to take new pics of myself. So I just used this picture I had from like a year and a half ago.

Other than that I’ve made a few “basic” pixel sorting images!

Evelyn! Luanna! Runa. Winona. I made the Halcyon-series for Monthly Makers.
For The Crate Challenge on Hitrecord I made this! Absolutely adored SarahPalisi’s illustration of the house. <3 See all the resources used linked here
Right after I made that self portrait at the top of the post CaptClare issued a challenge for glitching photography on Hitrecord. SO MUCH FUN. I used a simple app and Photoshop to glitchify this picture by MariaJack. See resources linked here.

Other things:

  • THIS TWEET by Belphoebe (@ragsoflove). “Compare Harry Styles’ appreciation of teenage girl fans to 5 Seconds of Summer’s bore-off ‘edgy’ misogyny”. I’M SO TIRED OF YOUNG GIRLS’ OPINIONS BEING SEEN AS THE WORST. And 5SOS are just like “yeah ugh we don’t want to be just for girls” and Styles is just like “They’re our future. /…/ They don’t lie.” Like honestlyyyyyyyyyyyyy. <3 I love Harry. Here’s another tweet about it. 64k retweets like YEAH GO HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I’ll quit now.
  • Olivia Chin Mueller’s illustration of this lil white pupper. Omg.
  • I wore sneakers for the first time this spring. YAY.
  • EASTER! Ate too much candy and made a pretty great lemon cheesecake.

Smell you later peeps!

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