my creative life #7

by Jessica

Hello and welcome! It’s been another week and it’s time to look at what I’ve been up creatively.

I’m currently sat in a quite messy kitchen with a cup of coffee and a few pieces of candy I stole from the batch we bought for the Easter eggs this weekend. Hehe. WHO’S GONNA STOP ME.

Me and my mother spent the morning cleaning and decorating a little bit for the weekend, arranged the bouquet of peony tulips (!) we bought yesterday and put out some pretty table cloths. I’ve also put out the little clay bunny that I made a few years ago! 

It’s what I need right now. The past week has been stormy and wild. It has ripped through me like a tornado.

Last weekend we bought some other flowers and combined them with blueberry sprigs. I love using blueberry sprigs in bouquets in spring. They’re so wild and natural and they’re great for creating structure for the flowers. <3 The first picture is taken with my prism, but the second one is just a regular picture. I just wanted to show you the flowers.The reason I started taking pictures of the flowers in the first place was actually a challenge on Hitrecord – The Lens Project. The prompt for last week was actually not a word, but a haiku. It is by debit72 and you can find the haiku here. It goes like this:

Deep in the forest

I close my eyes and listen

to the earth breathing

My initial idea was to go out into the forest and take a picture of that, but a) that felt a bit too easy for me and b) the forest still looks kinda sad where I live haha. 🙁 So I just took pictures of our flowers! I like how it turned out though! Another weekly challenge on Hitrecord is The Crate Challenge where you’re asked to “remix” a few images into something new. This weeks collection of images was tricky (find the challenge here) but I ended up with this and I’m pretty happy! Like it’s simple, but it’s cute!! Mostly because Erica Coburn’s photograph is AMAZING. (I actually have a blog post on the way about her stuff – stay tuned.) Click the image to see the resources I’ve used!  I’ve made these two abstract images this past week! The first one is called Arlie and the second is Jane!

I’ve made two animated ones too!! The titles aren’t set in stone (twinkletwinkle is A+++++ though) so yeah! But I’m having so much fun with this, even if it is frying my poor laptop.

I also took this picture of my little Lumos. He was chilling in a chair and the light was just so perfect I had to take a few pics of him. <3

Other things that have happened:

Okay I have like other random things I could tell you but I’ll stop now or this post is just going to be a list of stuff. Heh.

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