my creative life #6

by Jessica

Alright, back to what I’ve been up to creatively! I’ve had a few weeks where I’ve been sick and tired of pixel sorting, but a few days ago I just got back into it! I missed the simple times that they represent, as I’m so used to that technique and feel so free when I’m creating them. So I went back to the old pixel sorter. Took a look at one of my favourites – Cloe – to see if I could recreate whatever it is I like so much about it. This is Rose. (Name 100% inspired by the fact that I just finished watching season one of Doctor Who.)And then I reset my computer as it was running sooooooo slooow, and I lost some of my actions and brushes that I usually use because I forgot to save them somewhere else. :)))) But I solved it and this was the first one I made on a fresh computer. Felt like a fresh breeze. Her name is VictoriaVelma is a twirlywirly one! And then we have InaArielHitrecord have a challenge every week called The Lens Project, where you get a prompt for a photograph or video! I’ve decided to try to participate in this challenge more, and this week the prompt was “Softness“, and I took + edited the picture above. I was just lying in my bed holding the camera above my head haha. Advanced photography. Didn’t even brush my hair before, which I kind of regret now but whatever. Edited it quite a bit, but right now I feel like I might have overdone it. But I didn’t feel it quite captured “Softness” before. (OKAY I just realised this isn’t the image I edited into the one before but whatever hahaha….)  Also took this picture with my phone + prism. I do like it but I’m not sure about the quality. It was impossible to take this of myself using the DSLR though, so I don’t know what else I could’ve done. I might try with a tripod sometime, but I don’t think it’d work either as I can’t see what I’m doing. 🙁 At least the bad quality makes it very ~*soft*~.Made a random image out of resources on Hitrecord. See it + the images I’ve used. (I’m obsessed with Hitrecord again…)I 100% struggled with The Crate Challenge this week, didn’t get any ideas from the images that we were supposed to use. Played around with it a while and got this in the end. Sources here. For a few days I was trying out something like this, but it was just SO BORING. But I thought I’d show you the version I didn’t pick as well, might be interesting! Image sources can be found here, the images I’ve used are by Ankita19 and AnthonyChristopherArt.

The most important thing from this past week (+ like three days) = I MANAGED TO ANIMATE MY STUFF. This is easily the most exciting thing that has happened this past week. Probably past month!

And lastly I made a collage of some stuff on Hitrecord! Annmarie57’s ribcage and scarletoak’s flowers! Find it here.

Other random things that have happened:

  • Fell in love with these photos by Denny Bitte.
  • I went to a guided tour of Natura Dentata at Kulturhuset in Stockholm and it was great! Had beer at a sushi place after (??) and generally had a great night! I recommend the exhibition to anyone in Stockholm!
  • I’ve started using Instagram stories kind of??? I’m trying to. Felt like my Instagram was getting boring and non-personal so I’m trying to ~spice it up~.
  • I had a few rage-hours after someone from a record label was interested in album art but later tried to persuade me to accept them paying me like 10% of the price I said. #forexposure (This might not have been the past week but anyway. Felt the need to tell you.)
  • Discovered someone is selling one of my works on Redbubble. :)))
  • Fredrika compiled all the creations for the theme Geometry for Monthly Makers.
  • Mikaela released the new theme for Monthly Makers!!!
  • I rediscovered this song by Bo Burnham. <3 His ability to combine comedy with profound stuff is amazzzzzzing.
  • I’ve written like seven blog posts in three days or something, but I’ve scheduled them as to not completely overflow this blog with stuff right after a long hiatus.

That’s it!! GOODBYE.

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Beata Rydén April 7, 2017 - 10:06 am

Alltså jag ÄLSKAR dina bilder!!! Och jag tyckte också väldigt mycket om fotot med handen och håret, tyckte inte alls att det var för mycket redigering 😉 Kram!

Jessica April 10, 2017 - 6:00 pm

Haha vad bra 😀 KRAM

Mikaela April 8, 2017 - 9:19 pm

Animationerna är så coola! Och jag håller med om hår/handbilden, håller med Beata alltså! Plus den med molnen och månen! FINT

Jessica April 10, 2017 - 6:00 pm

TACK 😀 Åt allt!!


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