my creative life #13

by Jessica

It seems like number thirteen took a very long time to happen, but here is another update about my creative life! Jessica Andersdotter - Hanne My first creation of the year went along the lines of my “Curious”-pieces for Monthly Makers November.Jessica Andersdotter embroideryI also started feeling that I needed more physical creating in my life, and started experimenting with embroidery (here combined with some abstract painting on fabric.

Jessica Andersdotter embroidery Jessica Andersdotter embroidery Jessica Andersdotter embroideryI invited my very good friend Angelica over for an embroidery session by the fire in our living room, and she brought stuff for embroidering what you see above, which is part of the version of the national costume for the area her mother is from! The one pictured here is her mothers, and what Angelica is aiming for.

Jessica Andersdotter Jessica AndersdotterThat morning I managed to take a few cute pics of Lumos in my window! There was so much snow back then, and the whiteness outside made for a great backdrop. Jessica Andersdotter - AineMade a good old abstract piece! I asked for name suggestions on Instagram and Twitter for this, and got the wonderful suggestion “Aine” (which means radiance + is the name of the queen of the fairies in celtic mythology.  I also ordered some real fancy prints for my art, which are original prints that are limited to a edition of 5. They’re going to be part of an exhibition that’s happening next week, which is really exciting! You can see the event here.

Made another floral one. 

Experimented with some trees.

Took some selfies in the sun. This is me hiding behind a curtain being really sleepy.  Managed to get some family portraits with an unwilling cat as well!

Other things:

  • There’s so much amazing music coming out now. My favourites lately are Troye Sivans “My My My!”, Tove Styrke’s cover of Lorde’s “Liability” and all the latest ionnalee singles.
  • Lumos turns five next week????
  • Someone credited one of my art pieces as “Jennifer Andersdotter” on tumblr haha
  • I love these cow pics by Elsa Bleda.



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