my creative life #11

by Jessica

So I seem to have had some kind of mental hangover after my very intense day of video making last Monday. Like I filmed (and filmed way too many retakes because I was nervous) and edited in one day. And so right after I had published it I just got super sad and wanted to delete it and everything was stupid. So weird.

Anyway, this also meant that I forgot to publish My Creative Life last Friday. I don’t have like a set rule to publish them on Fridays, but I like to keep some routine for them. Well, we’re gonna have to live with it being a Sunday-post this week! Let’s take a look!Inspired by my mountains that I made last week I made a full piece with just the triangle pattern!

I actually didn’t make this one for it to be an outstanding piece of art in itself, but because it’d look cool on pillows and stuff. Which it does! And also it was v fun to make. 😀 Here’s a link to the super cool pillow if you want to purchase it. I also continued making mountains for a little while, making “Marauder” here which accidentally turned into some kind of James and Remus tribute, hence the title. Pixel sorted a little bit. Here’s Katy.  
And Janelle. 
Made this today! The clouds I’ve used for the background and the moon are both from Unsplash, which is like the best thing ever. High-res high quality images that you can do whatever you want with. Amazing.
Oh and of course, I made that video about what an artist is/what it’s like to call yourself an artist and stuff!

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