my creative life #10

by Jessica

I almost summarised my creative week in my mountain-post yesterday, but I thought we’d go through everything anyway. Well not everything, if you want to see all the mountains you can just go there.
Iceberg by Jessica AndersdotterBut yeah, I tried to make a buddy for Cosmic, but it was kinda hard. I mean this one is kind of the same style but I don’t like that it’s more naive in a way? Also I just noticed the stars are pink haha how did they turn pink!!!!!! Let’s pretend that was on purpose. :))) "Cosmic II" by Jessica Andersdotter
So I made this attempting to not be as naive, but I’m still not that happy with it, so I don’t know!!
"Monstera" by Jessica Andersdotter
Anyway, I also made something completely different – this is “Monstera”! I had this ~vision~ of a geometric leaf, and monstera was what came to my mind.I tried to make another one yesterday but it turned out absolute crap. I tried to combine the pattern on the leaf with a triangle pattern but it was just a mess. Also I think the shape of this “leaf” is just ugly. STUPID PLANT. Do you have any recommendations for great leaves that could work in this kind of way? I don’t know enough plants. Maybe some kind of succulent would be cool? Hmhm. I also started making diamonds this week!! I just noticed this one needs a little bit of work (as if I’ll ever do that but whatever). Here’s one of them, which is a neony swirly one. 
And then I made an underwater diamond!! Using some pixel sorting imagery for the diamond, which looks really cool!! Like light is bouncing inside it!

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