my art & creations: 2015

by Jessica

I thought it was time to take a look at all the things I’ve created during 2015! Click the pictures to go to the original post and see the rest of the pictures!

I made this paper raven for Monthly Makers January: Paper.
And these candle holders for Monthly Makers February: Upcycle.
I did some white on white embroidery and made this fox!
I decided I was gonna practice painting this year (uh, yeah) and made this. Not my greatest work, tbh, but anyway.150312_5308
I made a clay rabbit for Easter! SO EXCITED FOR EASTER NOW. CHRISTMAS IS OVER.150323_6152Made these clay roses for Monthly Makers March: Clay!150320_6090And I also made this sparkly book. 150327_6193A flower wreath for spring! 150319_5546And a sparkly stone cave to fulfill my dream of finding an amethyst. skapa, jessica andersdotter, collage
skapa, jessica andersdotter, collageStarted my own creative challenge and made two collages. 21Continued my creative challenge with some digital stuff.monthly makers april jessica andersdotterMade a burnt collage for Monthly Makers April: Matchsticks.jessica andersdotter digital collage of mountains and spaceMade these digital collages for Monthly Makers May: Magic. above & below by Jessica AndersdotterMade more digital stuff! And then I decided I would only work digitally during June, read more about it here.
Alla Himlar av Jessica Andersdotter Alla Himlar av Jessica Andersdotter
June turned out to be a very productive month thanks to this, and I made a lot of different sets of pictures.gif3gif-2
For Monthly Makers June: Pattern I made these kaleidoscopic gifs. "Nox xoN" by Jessica Andersdotter, kaleidoscope digital collage.Oh and I also made these non-moving ones!20110616_5436I made some more digital stuff! 20150711_8590And then June was over and I made a swan out of clay!20150719_8618And a new space lamp!20150912_1389_1
I challenged myself to create something out of words and made this!030612_154933 copy030612_15442For Monthly Makers September: Nature I made these digital collages.roses of fire » Jessica AndersdotterI photographed some roses and made these some smouldering pictures. fog in the morning » Jessica AndersdotterI went for a walk one morning when it was all foggy and wonderful and took these pictures.Ghost » Jessica Andersdotter. creative challenge / 8. create something out of a boxFound some old copyright free pictures online and made these.jessica andersdotter rose face3Used the rose pictures again and combined them with pictures of myself for this.dark forest by Jessica Andersdotter
Mirrored by Jessica AndersdotterWas into mirroring stuff and just did it all the time.20151022_4691Made these bats for Monthly Makers October: Yarn. Easy Halloween DIY An Unkindness of Ravens for your wall. Embrace your inner Edgar Allan Poe. By Jessica AndersdotterI made three DIY:s the weeks before Halloween, the first one was these paper ravens. They’re still up on my wall, hehe. Instructions in the post!Halloween DIY Fairy Crown, become the queen of the woods with this easy DIY. By Jessica Andersdotter.I also made a fairy crown! Instructions included!DIY Halloween Wreath » Jessica Andersdotter Make a spooky wreath for your door this Halloween, featuring a raven and a moon. And lastly the Halloween wreath, instructions in the post for that as well. 20151116_4863Made a cloud light for Monthly Makers 20151120_4984
We had the Monthly Makers advent calendar and I showed you how to make your very own cloud.20151120_4978And then my next post for the advent calendar was instructions on how to make these antler brooches.20151214_6038I customised some baubles with gold and copper paint! 2And then for Monthly Makers December I took some pictures through a prism!Foto 14-12-2015 13 37 29Which then led me to take some selfies through the same prism. (And ordering a bunch of different prisms off of eBay to use in the future. I’m so excited for them to arrive!)20151225_7074I got my Lensbaby for Christmas and showed you some pictures I took using it!DSC_4264 copy

And then lastly I made some digital stuff right at the end of December.
22 copy
And that was it!

Oh and the links have been acting really stupid and changing themselves without me doing anything in this post, so if any of them are linking to the wrong post, please tell me!

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Stine Friis January 1, 2016 - 4:31 pm

So much cool stuff! You’re really good 😀

Wilda January 1, 2016 - 9:10 pm

Så inspirerande! Och alltså den där pappersfågeln allra först är jag så HIMLA imponerad av.

Johanna Af Apel January 2, 2016 - 12:18 am

Herregud vad grym du är!! Så inspirerande inlägg.

hille January 2, 2016 - 6:25 pm

Åååh, din fairy crown! Molnet! Fotomanipulationerna! Nej, allt! Du är fantastisk. Önskar att jag varit hälften så kreativ 2015. Ser fram emot vad du kommer skapa i år!

Beata Rydén January 2, 2016 - 11:29 pm

Vilka otroliga skapelser Jessica! Jag känner att vi har mycket gemensamt 😀 Jag ÄLSKAR ju att göra egna bomullsmoln för att använda i mina bilder 🙂 Och den där fågeln du skapat var helt otrolig!

Ruth | January 4, 2016 - 7:57 pm

DAMN, vad mycket snyggt du skapat!!

- M A R I A E L I S A B E T H - MILLIONWISHES.SE - January 4, 2016 - 10:26 pm

Wow! Älskar pappersfågeln i början, svanen och målnlampan! Och du är grym på att fota! 🙂

Jessica January 7, 2016 - 10:51 am

Tack så mycket!!

OLIVIA | 17,7 årig tjej i medievärlden January 8, 2016 - 8:24 pm

Åh my gad vad du är kreativ!

Jessica January 9, 2016 - 2:01 pm

Åh, tack så mycket!!!


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