My name is Jessica Andersdotter, and I make abstract and expressive art. I spend most of my time experimenting with different digital techniques, and exploring the way visual art affects our emotions.

My art practice comes out of a fascination for colour and emotions – and especially the relationship between the two. It’s fascinating to me that changing the colours just a little bit can make such a difference, and that’s one of the reasons that I love both abstract and digital art – it’s so easy to use whatever colour you feel fits the emotions you’re aiming for. There’s no realism to take into consideration, and it’s always easy to change things.


My way into creativity has always been intuition and experimentation. I spark creativity by exploring, and I try to keep my process intuitive. Trusting my gut is my way to tap directly into my emotions and experiences, and I prefer it over planning and rational thinking.

I mostly use Adobe Photoshop, but dabble in other softwares and sometimes create with paint.

Check out my Instagram to see more of my work, and check out my shop if you want to buy prints, phone cases or anything like that with my art on it!


Contact: jessica@jandersdotter.com