6 of my favourite artsy youtubers

by Jessica

I’ve loved Youtube for many many years now, but it’s only kind of recently that I’ve discovered the community of artsy youtubers, and I’m so in love. I love the studio vlogs, watching people paint and create and just hearing about their lives as creatives!

So I thought I’d list a few of my favourites that I’ve found so far. These are channels that make me SUPER excited when I see them in my subscription box, and if you have any other recommendations feel free to comment down below, I would love to find more!

Leigh Ellexson

Leigh is just so incredibly good at what she does, and I love everything she creates. She makes studio vlogs, reviews materials and gives us insight into her process. It’s just all in all a wonderful experience to watch her videos, and they always make me want to paint. Also she has a very good doggo and a cute birb that feature in her videos and I love them both. SUBSCRIBE NOW!! Here’s a link to Leigh’s channel. 

furrylittlepeach / Sha’an d’Anthes

Sha’an has such a wonderful personality, and her videos are both beautiful and inspiring. She brings you along with her through her days as an artist, and her studio, work and life looks SO COOL. Every video is like a creative adventure, and if you like that you should just go check out her channel. Here’s a link to Sha’an’s channel!

The Average Artist

Steph behind The Average Artist isn’t just insanely creative when it comes to her art, she also comes up with the most amazing ideas for videos. She has created a bunch of challenges for herself that she makes videos of, and they’re just so fascinating. She has a series of videos where she paints the covers of book that have movie covers, which I think is just brilliant. She’s also really funny and I love following along her adventures. Her paper art illustrations are FANTASTIC. Go check her out! Here’s a link to The Average Artist. 


Xanthe is that kind of person that you really want to be friends with. She seems so warm and kind AND she’s insanely creative and creates amazing illustrations. Her videos, where she shows her process and tells us about her thoughts about the pieces she makes, are absolutely wonderful and I urge you all to check out her channel! Here’s a link to Xanthe’s channel. 

Jordan Clark

Jordan Clark creates such calming videos. There’s something so soft and beautiful about them, and her art journals and illustrations are so pretty. However, while being this calm and wonderful, she also seems adventurous, and I think that combination makes for wonderful videos. I love them all, and you should too!! Here’s a link to Jordan’s channel. 

Studio Silvana

Silvana is my most recent discovery when it comes to artsy youtubers, and I only just found her a few days ago, but I’ve almost watched all of her videos already (even the old ones that aren’t even in English, haha). They are absolutely beautiful, and I love her style of illustrating AND editing the videos. I love following along her days, and everything just feels cosy, warm and beautiful in her videos. Here’s a link to Silvana’s channel. 

So that was it! I love all of these channels, and I hope you’ve found something you like too! Please tell me if you know of any good artsy youtube channels down in the comment section!

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Asti October 13, 2018 - 8:00 pm

Ooh so many goodies here! The only ones I haven’t been following already are the last two, Jordan Clark and Studio Silvana. I’ll have to check them out. My recommendations for others not listed here are: Frannerd, Katnipp Illustrations, Sara Faber and Minnie Small. I think it’s so fun to follow along with other artists as they create work, especially when they give you little glimpses into other things do they behind the scenes. It really makes me want to whip out my camera and become involved too, but I’ve not yet built up the confidence for that. 🙈

Jessica November 12, 2018 - 4:12 pm

Ohh yeah I feel the same!! Although I have made a few videos, I have kind of lost confidence since then? :((( But I’m gonna check out your recommendations – thanks!!


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